You have found the Food & Treats your dog has been looking for

Is your dog a picky eater?

Does your dog have itchy skin?

Do allergies bother your dog?

Does your dog have tear stains?

Nutrition is the key to good health.


Some people say it’s luxury dog food or gourmet dog food because of our high quality ingredients. Yes, it’s good enough for people, but made for dogs.

We call it healthy dog food.

Nutritious dog food is the cornerstone to good health so we’ve taken that fact to its purest form.

Non GMO Dog Food and Treats

100% Organic Dog Food & Treats

Formulated for a dog’s needs

No Grain, No Corn, No Soy, No Bulk Fillers, No added Carbs or Starch

No sprayed on Vitamins, No Chemicals, No Preservatives

Dehydrated. By the way, air dried food – dehydrated – retains nutrition and naturally preserves all the nutrition, flavors & smells. Of course, it’s the finest way to ensure what we prepare, gets to you, without processing or chemicals.

What’s in the best dog food?  Pure, clean, nutritious, organic ingredients packed with natural anti-oxidants.

 It’s very comforting to know your dog is eating the best dog food and you’ll feel proud when you see the difference in your dog’s life.  Friends will admire your dog’s vitality and energy as your dog proudly struts through the neighborhood.

No, this is not a magic pill with instantaneous changes.  Rather you’ll see gradual change as our pure clean food refreshes and revitalizes organs and blood, streams through the brain and into skin. As nutritious organic ingredients supply energy and oxygen, toxins are replaced with goodness and changes begin to appear.

How long will it take?  How dirty is your current food?  Give it a chance and you will be amazed.  That’s why over 90% of people who try our dog food come back for more. It’s just that good. 

Next time you’re talking to your dog and you can tell there is some sluggishness or laziness or if love handles are keeping your chunky monkey from enjoying the good things in life; if you’re trying to have a conversation but crazy itchy skin is distracting your dog; or if you want to dress up and go to the café but your dog refuses to go out in public because of embarrassing tear stains – Hey! We understand… and we can help. 

If your dog is a foodie and understands the difference between chicken kibble, chicken by-products and pure clean organic chicken you can tell them, no worries.  If the smell of GMO Free, pure clean beef is all your picky eater wants, we think that’s a very smart dog. If your food snob dog has told you a million times that only people food smells good enough to eat, well, your dog has a sophisticated pallet and intelligent point.  There is no substitute for pure, clean, nutritious organic dehydrated dog food. 

Our 100% Organic, Dehydrated, Human Quality food is made fresh for your dog.

Developed to provide optimum nutrition and antioxidants -

It doesn't get better than this!


Crumble.  Add warm H20.  Rehydrate.  Enjoy!

You'll be amazed by the difference!

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Only the finest, human quality ingredients: 

Pure, Organic Meat from Sustainable Farms

Fresh, Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

Never Processed! 

Slowly Dehydrated or Flash Frozen

Freshly made every day!

 Dogs For The Earth Members give it 4 Paws Up.

Visit our Webpage "What's in our food?" and find out each and every ingredient in our food and why it is important!


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100% Organic Dog Food - No grain, no corn, no soy, no junk equals no chunk in your dog's trunk!

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